Revision History
[ 2014.03.17]
Added support for DSO 068.
[ 2013.03.20]
fixed minor bug in FG085 waveform data downloading. The bug caused some samples missing under certain conditions.
[ 2013.03.18]
Supports uploading of saved captures in DSO094. (Usage: go to "Capture->Upload" and select the buffer to load from. DSO094 firmware upgrade to 113-09401-060 or later required.)
Supports user defined waveform downloading for FG085. (Usage: open a prepared waveform file and click "Generator -> Download". FG085 firmware upgrade to 113-08501-130 and 113-08502-050 required.)
Added frequency display for horizontal cursor.
[ 2013.01.31]
Added waveform save/recall feature. Waveforms are saved in csv file format which can easily be opened and processed by other applications like Excel.
Added horizontal and vertical cursors. Vertical cursors are associated with Ch1/Ch2 respectively. Click on cursor readouts will toggle cursors ON/OFF.
Serial port baudrate are changeable. Can work up to 115200 bps with DSO 094 (094 firmware upgrade to 113-09401-052 required).
[ 2012.08.08]
Preliminary release