Capacitance Meter Kit



Photos of previous version

Part Number: 06001 (DIY kit)
Weight: 40g
Dimension: 75mm X 58mm X 15mm

Part Number: 06002 (Assembled and tested)
Weight: 40g
Dimension: 75mm X 58mm X 15mm

About 1% accuracy
Measure range: 1pF - 500uF
Automatic range switch
Zeroing available
Real time serial output of measurement read-outs with time stamp
Low cost and easy to build

Kit includes:
All parts excluding power supply

This is a simple but very useful capacitance meter. New version fixed design errors in previous version and came with several improvements:
Improved PCB layout.
Added popular DC jack for easy connection of power supply.
Added switch. This is desirable when running on battery.
Added mounting holes.
Polarity marked out.
Smaller size.

Capacitance Meter Manual [ 2010. 02.25 ]