jyeLab (PC oscilloscope)
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jyeLab is a PC platform for JYE Tech instruments. It can work with JYE Tech standalone oscilloscopes to function as PC oscilloscopes. It is also a tool for downloading user defined arbitrary waveforms to FG085 function generator. Major features include:

Realtime waveform display/capture.
Save/recall waveforms to/from file.
Upload pre-saved captures from standalone oscilloscope
Horizontal cursors with frequency display
Vertical cursors that are channel associated
Download user waveforms to FG085 generator

[Download jyeLab]

Limitations and requirements of jyeLab (as of v0.70)

jyeLab only runs under Windows
Supports DSO 094, DSO 068, and FG085
Pre-installation of USB virtual COM port driver (for CP2102 from Silicon Labs) is required. The driver can be downloaded here
The standalones must be upgraded to supporting firmware.


Use of jyeLab is straightforward and easy. No installation required. Most operations are self-explained. To start please follow these steps:

Download the application and unzip all the files to the same folder.
Install USB virtual COM port driver (see "requirements" above).
Connect your JYE Tech standalone oscilloscope (Device) to a USB port on the PC.
Start jyeLab and power up the standalone.
Identify the virtual COM port that connects the standalone and select it. You can do this in the menu "Options -> Port Setup".
Click the button "Connect". You can see the connection status light turn green if connection success.
To disconnect click the "Disconnect" button. Alternatively you can press the [HOLD] key on the standalone.
To toggle cursors click on their readouts at upper-left screen corner.
To save/recall waveforms use the "Save" "Recall" buttons at right or the File menu.
To download waveform to FG085 first open the waveform file to load it into capture buffer. Then click "Generatro -> Download (FG085)".

For jyeLab operation please refer to this drawing.