Firmwares for DSO 138

Main Firmware for U1

Revision History
[ 2016.10.10 ]
Modified for better support of the LCD with ILI9325 controller. No function change.
[ 2016.01.05 ]
Auto-center trigger level to the middle of signal amplitude when trigger level is focused and OK button is held down for 2 seconds. This is useful for quickly stabilize waveform display. (Thank Gabriel S. for the suggestion!)
Auto-center horizontal position when horizontal position is focused and OK button is held down for 2 seconds. (Thank Gabriel S. for the suggestion!)
Restore factory default settings when "+" and "-" buttons are held down simultaneously for 2 seconds.
Improved frequency measurement by using average voltage level (instead of true 0V level which was used in previous versions) as cycle counting reference.
Fixed a bug in trigger level readout error. In previous versions trigger level readout displayed wrong value after VPos alignment was performed.
[ 2015.11.20 ]
Significantly lowered noises. Comparing: [NEW] vs [OLD] in measuring the built-in test signal.
Waveform can be saved to and recalled from non-volatile memory. To save: press [SEL] & [+] simultaneously. To recall: Press [SEL] & [-] simultaneously.
Enhencement in Test Mode with auto short-circuit detection capability (See manual page 2).
Supports two types of TFT controllers (ILI9341 and ILI9325/9328).
[ 2015.03.09 ]
Added read-outs for various waveform parameters including Freq, Cycle, PW(pulse width), Duty (cycle), Vmax, Vmin, Vavr, Vpp, Vrms. To turn on/off the read-outs first move cursor to the position of timebase. Hold down the [OK] button for 3 seconds.
[ 2014.12.25 ]
Official release.