Firmwares for DSO Shell

Main Firmware for U1


If your board is upgraded from an earlier version to -110 or later you need an activation code. Otherwise the rotary encoder will appear malfunction. Activation code can be obtained by sending email to with your board PID.

Revision History
[ 2018.06.05 ]
Added suppport for LCD with controller ST7789V.
[ 2018.04.08 ]
Fixed a bug which caused "Read EEPROM failed" problem on some units.
Minor Improvement on the rotary encoder performance.
[ 2017.12.27 ]
Fixed a bug in version -110 which caused some units failed to remember previous settings after power-up.
[ 2017.12.05 ]
Added new feature of outputting serial waveform data through J5 as texts. The data can be stored as CSV file and displayed on PC with help software like EXCEL or Gnuplot. See example . To send waveform data press buttons ADJ and V/DIV simultaneously. The last displayed waveform prior to pressing the buttons will be sent.
Significantly improved the operation of rotary encoder.
Improved trigger performance under 20us and 10us timebase settings.
The baud rate of serial port was changed to 115200bps.
Added readout for trigger level.
Fixed a bug in trigger processing algorithm.
[ 2017.09.05 ]
Fixed a bug in trigger level setting when the button [TRIGGER] is hold down for 3 seconds.
[ 2017.08.05 ]
Fixed a bug that caused freqency measurement error (did not display frequency, cycle, etc when amplitude is low)
[ 2017.06.10 ]
Added Fast Adjustment mode for VPos, HPos, and Trigger Level. Push ADJ button toggles the mode On/Off. A ">>" sign appearing at top of screen indicates Fast Adjustment mode is ON.
[ 2017.05.08 ]
Imprved trigger algorithm and made trigger more stable and accurate. With the new algorithm external trigger is not required. As result, the TL_PWM (PB8) and TRIG (PA8) pins and TIM3 were freed and can be used for other purposes.
Changed key combinations for waveform save and recall. Pressing [ADJ] + [SEC/DIV] saves waveform to memory. Pressing [ADJ] + [TRIGGER] loads saved waveform from memory.
[ 2017.02.24 ]
Fix the problem that trigger doesn't work when timebase is set to 50ms or slower. Now the trigger functions when timebase is set to 50ms or slower and trigger mode is set to NORM or SING. If trigger mode is set to AUTO the trigger will be disabled and waveform is displayed in rolling style that waveform is constantly shifting from right to left.
Added trigger state display at the top-right screen corner. Trigger states include "Holdoff", "Waiting", and "Trigged". "Holdoff" means trigger is temporarily disabled. "Waiting" means trigger is detecting valid signal slopes. "Trigged" means a valid signal slope has been registered.
Fixed a bug that caused large DC offset on the 0.1V test signal. This signal is used for C3 calibration.