DSO 062 (assembled)



Side view

Pre-soldered PCB

Board finished




062 in user hands


FFT Basic Demo

FFT Sweeping Signal



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Maximum equivalent-time sampling rate (repetitive signal) - 20MSa/s
Maximum real-time sampling rate - 2MSa/s
Resolution - 8 bits
Record length - 256 bytes
Analog bandwidth - 1MHz
Vertical sensitivity - 100mV/Div - 5V/Div
Vertical position adjustable with indicator
Input impedance - 1M ohm
Max input voltage - 50Vpk (1x probe) [500Vpk for 10x probe]
DC/AC/GND coupling
Horizontal - 0.5us/Div - 10m(minute)/Div
Auto/Normal/Single trig modes
Rising/Falling edge trigger
External trig available
Trigger output is available, which makes it possible to cascade scopes to do multi-channel capture.
Trigger level adjustable with indicator
Hold/run feature
Save/recall up to 6 captures
FFT function available - size of 256 points and 512 points selectable, sampling rate of 1Ksps to 2Msps selectable
Transfer screen to PC as bitmap file via serial connection
Built-in 500Hz/5Vpp test signal
Frequency Meter (For TTL level input signal)
Auto switching between Oscilloscope Mode and Frequency Meter Mode
9V DC power supply
Dimension: 110mm X 65mm X 25mm (without case)
Weight: 125 gram (not including probe and power adapter)

Simple clip probe and RCA jack are provided for jury-rig. If more professional feel is wanted a BNC Probe Kit (PN: 603-06201) is recommended.

Ordering Info

Sku Number
One DSO062 oscilloscope
One Simple clip probe [photo]
One AC/DC univeral power adapter (choice of North American[photo] or European[photo] style plug)
Quick Reference (English)
To reduce shipping weight most documents are not included in the package. They need to be downloaded from this page.

Documents, firmwares, and tools:

Operating Instructions [ 1.9M Bytes, updated 2010.12.15 ]
Assembly Notes [ 2.1M Bytes, updated 2010.07.09 ]
Troubleshooting Guide [ 3.3M Bytes, updated 2010.08.01 ]

Course Project Manual [Courtesy of Prof. Zvonimir S. from School of Engineering Technology, Centennial College, Toronto]