DSO 112

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Ex1: 1MHz/10mV Sine

Ex2: 500KHz/10mV Square


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Note: This product has been discontinued and is replaced by DSO Coral.


DSO112 is a pocket oscilloscope with color display and touch panel. What makes DSO112 distinguished among peers is its easy opertions, which are all straightforward touching and scrolling. Almost everything is self-teaching. You would not get lost as you might do with other handheld scopes. Designed specifically for students and hobbyists DSO112 is a great entrance level oscilloscope. With a size that fits right in your palm and pocket DSO112 can do much more than you might think from its dimension. High sensitivity (5mV/Div), high accuracy, and low noises are highlights of DSO112 and make it a useful tool for small signals probing. 2.4 inch TFT color LCD (320 x 240 in resolution), 1200mAh Li-ion battery (optional), and built-in smart charger... all these add great convenience in use.

Major featurs of DSO112:

Analog bandwidth: 0 - 2MHz
Sampling rate: 5Msps max
Sensitivity: 5mV/Div - 20V/Div
Sensitivity error: < 5%
Timebase: 1us/Div - 50s/Div
Record length: 512/1024 points
Built-in test signal with multiple frequency
USB connection
Upload of captured raw data as CSV file
Battery/USB powered

Ordering Info

Sku Number
One DSO112 (battery included)
Two MCX-clip cables
One USB cable [photo]
Users Manual (English)
One DSO112 (No battery)
Two MCX-clip cables
USB cable [photo]
Users Manual (English)

Product Documents and firmwares:

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Number of Channel: 1
Analog Bandwidth: 0 - 2MHz
Sensitivity: 5mV/Div - 20V/Div
Sensitivity error: < 5%
Resolution: 8-bit
Input Impedance: 1M ohm
Maximum Input voltage: 50Vpk
Coupling: DC, AC, GND
Voltage measurement cursors available
Auto-measurement of Vavr and Vpp
Max Real-time Sampling Rate: 5Msps
Timebase: 1us/Div - 50s/Div
Record Length: 512 and 1024 variable
Time measurement cursors available
Trigger Modes: Auto, Normal, Single
Trigger Types: Rising/falling edge
Trigger Position: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 7/8 of buffer size
Test Signal Generator
8 freqencies from 1Hz to 10MHz selectable.
Amplitude 3.3V fixed
Other Features
Save captured waveform to EEPROM and recall after power outage
Upload waveform as CSV file
USB connection for data transfer and firmware upgrade
2.4" color TFT LCD with 320 x 240 resolution
Power Supply
3.7V Li-ion battery/USB
Supply Current: 300mA @ 3.7V(LCD backlight ON).
Built-in charger
Dimension: 80mm X 70mm X 18mm
Weight: 85 gram (not including cables)